Life a mud-wrestling?

Somehow I sometimes think that life is like a mud-wrestling. When we come into existence, we all start with innocent and pure souls, clean and bright with white shiny clothes and then the first throw mud splatter and we do not know how we could get out of the way as quickly as the mud is thrown.

What do I see from the world beyond the mud puddle when I have the mud drying on the face and the eyes? Blind I stumble through life and now I even push people accidentally deeper in the mud, because I cannot see the path clearly and because I don't know nothing other than mud.

Everyone watches each other, as he tries to keep his area clean and that is what we call entertainment. It is exciting when one of the player succeeds in the almost impossible task to become clean and to escape the wallow. And then there are the others, upon whom we stand in the mud or who just slide deeper into the mud as I myself have slid. Is that not somewhat like a career?

Where is the water purifying this life that will clear my vision ....


Anonymous said...

The further we push the deeper we get... like quicksand life can ascend or descend into darkness or light... we all slide... we must learn to stand still and ascend... for the silence and stillness makes all the water appear... it is still murky, yet one day it will clear... I simply believe it so...

Jena Isle said...

That is rather a striking analogy. If that's the case then we must hold each other along the way for we need each others' eyes to look into the whole area. The mud in our eyes might not be blocking the same area so we should aid each other.

I look at life as a journey in which we all travel. There maybe mud along the way, but there will also be sunshine, rain and storms, and of course the proverbial silver lining in some clouds.

Great post, as usual Ray...You always kept me thinking.


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for playing with the picture and letting the water appear. There is hope ;-) All the best rainer

Dear jena, we could aid each other. A wonderful idea of someone with a cleansed look. All the best Rainer