Changing the provider

In the Eifel DSL infrastructure is not available in the same degree as in the cities. That is because it is much more profitable is to expand the networks there, where many customers live. There are even places in the Eifel region, where there are no more than DSL 1000 lines available.

Above all, it is difficult to get rid of Telekom. You can buy DSL from another provider than Telekom, but I had to buy a telephone line from Telekom with its more expensive rates.

But then I found an offer with Internet telephony, with a Telefonflat and a Internetflat, all together 15 euros cheaper than a solution with the telecom and another Internet provider of DSL.

So I requested change.

  • Then it took 3 months for before the provider change took place.
  • In the meantime the telecom called me 4 times. They asked whether I didn't want to buy the Internet and telephone out of one hand with new tariffs by telecom. I calculated. Each offer was 10 euros more expensive than my new solution. I then rejected.
  • When the line was switched the hardware of the new provider was not delivered. It came a week later, so I could not call.
  • The new hardware did not work. A Samsung router, but the DSL signal did not synchronize. So I took the old router back on and wrote an email to the provider.
  • They did not respond. I had a lot to do. After one week I called a number which costs 1.89 euros per minute. I got a lot of advertising told and than plugged off. 10 euros paid but no service received.
  • Angry e-mail written to provider.
  • They wrote back that he could not contact me, told me a free number and asked whether they had helped me well?
  • I used the free number but I did not come through and was plugged off with the friendly formulation, we are grateful for your understanding.
  • I had a vision. Hang the new router behind the old.
  • I did that, I hung the new Samsung router via its LAN port on the old router. Now it works. Internet telephony is now well and I am satisfied.
  • Provider sends an e-mail, whether I was satisfied with the performance of his support. I forgive the worst grades and am glad that now everything is running.

The main thing is that you should help yourself ....


Robin said...

Don't talk to me about telcos and DSL at the moment. ARRRGH!

Jena isle said...

You have a lot of patience indeed. I don't have that.

I'm glad I'm not using DSL.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, I fear there might be similarities in the behaviour of telephone companies all around the world... Happy Blogging

Dear jena, so you are impatient, hard to believe, but when you say it... Happy blogging my impatient friend...

A.V.C. said...

Yet a universal problem! :)

In these situations one really does not know whether to laugh or cry...

But to laugh is a lot more fun I guess!

Good thing it worked out for you!

Liara Covert said...

You always choose neat topics to write about. A good friend of mine was in Dusseldorf and Cologne this past week. He had what he describes as his "annual intake of meats and sausages..." He loves Germany! Alles Gute!

robinj said...

your fear is correct I have lived in canada and Oz and bad service from big companies is a global disease

Jena Isle said...

Hello Ray,

It seems I've got your line and you've got my line..lol..anyway, your story is up at my Gewgaw Writings blog. I have sent your EC credits too through your EC dashboard.

Happy blogging ..(.my line) and all the best (your line) lol..Take care.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...