If... but...

If my injuries would be visible like autumn leaves, then I would wear an autumnal garb.

If the love for me would be visible as green leaves, then I would be the spirit of summer.

If my wishes would be visible like buds, then I would be the promising spring.

And if I had my way alone, would I not be the winter?

But I am only a small all-weather herb wich looks wistfully at the other plants.


Jena Isle said...

Short but meaningful verses. I really like this Ray. I remember the song "If ever I would leave you." It has similar lyrics.

It goes this way:

If ever I should leave you, it wouldn't be in summer, how can I in summer , I never would go, Oh no not in springtime, summer , winter or fall..I 'll never would have leave you at all."


Enreal said...

This is a touching . The longing... great metaphores

Anonymous said...

I visit your site every day. Though I don't usually leave a comment, I do enjoy reading your posts.

Because your site is one of my favorites, I am passing to you the I Love Your Blog Award. You can get the information on my site. Continue on with your good work and have a great day!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, a nice rhyme. For lovers there is nor real adequate moment or season to leave other... Thank you jena and all the best Rainer

Dear enreal, thank you for writing that... All the best Rainer

Dear lea, thank you visting me so often. That makes me happy ;-) Thank you for the award.... All the best Rainer..

Ray Gratzner said...

Sorry lea, I meant visiting instead of visting....