Three days training

Three days training base training professional leadership.

I feel well, a little wiser and I am also glad to be back home sitting on my couch. Couchpotatoe is an attitude of life.

With 11 other colleagues I learned about technical leadership. The coach was a competent psychologist, who made us practice some exercises.

Main idea of these exercises was to limit partly the senses and let the group solve a common task. So e.g. blind, without sight the group tried to form a square with a rope. This requires from the group that it gets quickly organized and although every group member is blind to develop a common solution strategy.

You will understand rather quickly that while being blind communication is not so easy to deal with, let alone to understand and to act together.

Other topics were e.g. performance interview, advising staff. What is the role of a technical leader? What do employees, what do colleagues expect from you? Where do I step in it and what are the usual beginner's failure.

One pleasant part of the training was that in the evening and during the breaks I had the opportunity to get 11 committed colleagues from various areas of the company better to know. I learned a lot about their work, their experience and their problems to. I am grateful that I learnt from these gentlemen and that my personal network in the company was widened.

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Jena Isle said...

That's a great experience. Good for you. Seminars are always learning venues and also a place to meet new and old friends.

Enjoy your seminar.