Dear Reader, concerning myself

Lately things have become more demanding than I can handle. I'm overwhelmed from a variety of activities.

In addition to my regular work I do:

* A distance study.

* Voluntary work.

* I blog, English &German.

* Speaking Training.

* Various other things.

Therefore I decided to cut down on blogging a bit and will post especially at the weekends.

True to the motto that less is more I would like thus to preserve my joy of blogging. ..........


A.V.C. said...

Hi rainer,

Totally understand; Love under Will, always!

Good luck with everything!

The Fearless Blog said...

I completely understand. As soon as fall or spring term begins, I can't blog as much as I do over the summer and so many of my readers begin to wonder if I am OK. I refuse to blog-read or write- unless I "want to" and that's the bottom line. If anything I do becomes cumbersome and unpleasant then I will cease to enjoy it and therefore soon retreat. A "recession" is sometimes a welcomed necessity.

Take care...

Jena Isle said...

Now, I'm sad..lol...but if this will make you happy, then so be it! Perhaps I can say, we are in the same boat.

I just came from a two-day national seminar, and today I had to rush paper work to meet deadlines at then office, and still, next week I will be back to the the real toxic responsiblity.

But I enjoy, coming home and visiting my blogs. Fearless blog is right, if you don't enjoy what you do, then what's the use of doing it.

Good luck with you work and I know all of us will still be here as often as we can.

Take care and God bless.

tashabud said...

I completely understand your situation. I can not blog as much as some do also. We have to prioritize our schedule and what's important somehow.

It's good for you to give a heads up about your absence. This way your loysl readers know that your absence is not due to health issues or worst, death. You're a very conscientious person.

BTW, the photo of the planet Saturn is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Does it not defeat the purpose to have expectations of oneself when doing something you love... blogging without obligation... be free and enjoy this pastime ... I'll be around... have a terrific week

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. thank you for your understanding and thank you for your comment. Happy Blogging

Dear fearless blog, well that is interesting, may be it is a seasonal effect? Some sort of inner reconstruction? Thank you for sharing your experience... Happy blogging

Dear jena, well sorry for making you sad, since you are my top commentator on this blog, this weighs heavy....So I will miss your comments too....

Thank you for your encourageing words and I am looking forward for your next visit.

Happy blogging

Dear tasha thank you for your thoughts and your friendly point of view. I appreciate your words.

Happy Blogging

Dear enreal, thank you for reminding of doing things with love. You surely are right. Happy Blogging...

Robin said...

Hi there Ray - it's funny how many people in my circle are talking about cutting down their blogging activites, because it has all become "too much", and they want to be able to keep going.

I decided quite early on that I would not be able to sustain my blog if I posted more than once a week.

I'm actually glad you are cutting down, because I really like your posts, but I could not keep up with them when you did so many.


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin thank you for likeing my posts, that flatters my ego ;-) Thank you for your encouragement... Happy Blogging...