Sick, what a luck.....

Since Friday evening, my voice is gone and my body tells me, "alarm, intruders enter the lungs and throat." While for my environment it is a relief when I just stay quiet, I watch closely the next steps of the invaders.

Instead of feeling myself like a poor sick victim, now I try deliberately to change my inner attitude towards the disease.

I say to myself: "Wonderful you're there. To be sick is good for me, because I can learn something about myself. You dear viruses and bacteria, put your bibs on and enjoy yourself. In the end, something negative will have left me. "

And what should I say, instead of feeling miserable as usual, it works. I feel happy despite my illness and that is always better than being sick and unhappy.

Bliss happens inside yourself .....


Jena Isle said...

Well, it seems your little microbe got me too, or it maybe a virus. The sore throat has been with me for days not and I have to say that your outlook is indeed refreshing. lol...

These invisible critters are preventing me in working in my computer for a longer time.

But let me see if I can adapt your attitude..Indeed , perception (what is inside) counts a lot.

Thanks for sharing.

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