Out of the reader of the feathered serpent

One day the feathered serpent dreamed. She dreamed she would be in a green country, where peace prevailed. She relished to snake through the grass and looked for a warm place to sleep.

Then the black shadow came saw that the feathered serpent slept within a dream.
The shadow was sad, because he had a date with the snake. Today, he wanted to perform the dance of life, but the snake rested in peace.

The shadow couldn't wait for the serpent to awake. Only the time of the sun remained for his art, so he began his dance of life. He hopped into the air, flipped over, rolled to the side, jerked rhythmically and jumped in large arc in a circle. With every move he sprayed sparks, green, blue, red and brown. All these sparks fell on the snake and dyed her body differently.

When the sun set in the country set of peace, the shadow draw his last breath and the feathered serpent awoke from the cold evening. She didn't notice in the dark that her skin had new colors.

The serpent wound through the grass and noticed that she dreamed. But when she came to the place where the shadow had danced her skin began to glow. Green, blue, red and brown.


Jena Isle said...

Wow, what an awesome story. I have my own interpretation, but I'm curious what yours is?


Robin said...

beautiful, Ray

(Frank and I saw a snake down at the parklands the other day)

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, well in the meantime I answered your question with a post, please let me know your interpretation.... Blessings

Dear robin, you and Frank enjoy parklands...and have adventures...Here in germany the snakes are so tiny...I think in australia I would learn the meaning of fear.....Happy Blogging