Buying a new car

The media talk about the crisis, because that topic will boost the sale of newspapers. The federal government support industry lobby groups and guess, who will end up with empty pockets except some void promises for the future .... Sure, the taxpayers, because what does the name say? Payer!

Politicians want us to buy cars in order to stimulate the economy. And an important decision factor is the fuel consumption of a car. The less a car consumes, the less we have to pay, the less dirt is in the air, the less cancer deaths will occur, the longer hold the oil reserves, the fewer wars will be waged on behalf of oil.

Who thinks spiritually will protect the world of the living beings and a car with little fuel-consuming is an important point.

The www.fueleconomy.gov has a top list of cars with the lowest and highest fuel consumption This list is updated continuously. I recommend everyone who wants to buy a car to check that site for the benefit of the environment.


jenaisle said...

A very clear and logical analysis Ray. I agree. During the olden times, life was so simple..lol...cheers.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for your refreshing comment and have a nice week Happy Blogging!

A.V.C. said...


Considering this really, really close, I actually think I would prefer to take take all aspects into consideration when buying a new car. Build quality, economy, image, power, handling, design, safety, fuel consumption etc.

I am having some trouble in understanding why that would exclude me from those who think spiritually...

By the way, German cars rule!

Thanks for a thought provocing post!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. surely all aspects should be taken in account before making a decision. This post is somewhat unbalanced. I wanted only to stress the fact, that the consumption rate is an indicator how careful we toch mother earth.
Thank you for your fine comment.
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