Wanna go on the swing?

She sits on a swing and is swinging around.

"Swings are for me an image of life. While I use strength I swing high up in the air - my perspective is changing. I see more and more. Then gravity pulls me back down. And if I do not fight the change of motion, I will swing high up again. "

"The gravity: that are the everyday necessities for me like cooking, washing, food or money. All of that pulls me deeply into the material world, but if I do not fight against the necessities of life, if I am delighted, then the necessities like the unavoidable downward movement will become the source of a constant swing. A swing bearing my soul to the top. "

"The driving force is my love for swinging, the fun of falling down and the apparent futility of the event."

"Eventually, it happens. You leave the swing and go to, where your eye is attracted to."


Jena Isle said...

That's a very appropriate metaphor. "I swing through life ." Very meaningful and thought provoking post. Thanks Ray for reminding us if the most important things in life.

Sometimes we are so engrossed in the quest for acquiring more material and mundane things that we forget what is really vital in life.

You're the beckoning star in the dark. God bless you.

Jane Doe said...

This is good advice. I spend a lot of time fighting the necessities of life, hating every second of doing them, and it just makes it worse. I'll have to try to adopt this view on the necessities. Thanks for sharing.

ray gratzner said...

Dear jena, I really love your comments, you say so much in so few sentences - like a mini post... There are no special effects in spirituality, it is always the moment...now. Happy Blogging

Dear jane, well fighting means you could fight your way to spiritual heaven... You will transform I am sure.... Happy Blogging