Religious Disputes

In the 12th / 13 century there were religious disputes in Spain between rabbis and priests. Did the rabbi loose, then all the Jews of his community were forced to convert. Did the rabbi win, then nobody was converted ......

Let alone that the procedure was lopsided, it was bloodless too. How would the world look like today if people disputed on a peer level? Each group would send its best speakers. Then talk. Whoever will win would be followed by all ....

Would our world have become Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or otherwise? Had the eighth-, quarter-to, half-, and the dispute finale been recorded in the history books as the great religious unification of humanity - bloodlessly and binding for all.

Or are we better off with the diversity of religions because this diversity suits our people better in their diversity?

Goethe says in Faust, "Who brings a lot, will bring some something." I think we need the diversity of belief and freedom of religion as a foundation for a permanently developing society, a strong community in which we all flourish without exhausting ourselves in the struggles of faith and intolerance.

Today, we can dispute, as we want. And we can follow our insights, without belonging to a community ... Let's hope that this freedom will continue ....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post that prompts pondering deeper. Today, we dispute indeed as we want. Yet this freedom brings a little joy. The world listen to nice talks, but face the sunset of the morality. The situation is double-edged, yet I think there is no wonder: while many hate the intolerance it flourishes under the masks. while talks about the spiritual oneness of the humanity warm the hearts, the stupid struggles of faith grow in our gardens... Can the maturity be achieved without the community? I think that's the obvious: if we are without the community, we follow just ourselves - nobody in essence and thus all people start looking as the concurrents, but not the friends...

Your post prompted me to take a pen for leaving the response. Thank you. It was worthy the reading indeed.

PinkLady said...

Ray, we have come a long, long way in the history of spirituality and religion. In the quest for real meaning and purpose of life, many generations have fought for their own beliefs and some have even died for them. In the end, we all saw that it is faith, not religion, that matters most.

This is a lovely post. You are so right about the beauty of this freedom. We get to express our own beliefs now without fear of being judged or condemned.

Blessings to you!

Bing (",)

Robin said...

Hi Ray - I like to think there are as many spiritual paths as there are people - everyone has their own unique one!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

The points you raised are true, but in this part of the world, sometimes religion is the cause of misunderstandings and "war". I oftentimes wonder how we vow to love God but kill each other for that "love," just because we don't belong to the same faith.

I know the pogroms in Ireland is history which belongs to the past generation of Catholics and Protestants and I'm happy for them. But I'm sad to cite that here in our local setting, especially in Mindanao, people still kill each other because some of believe in Allah and some in God/Jesus Christ.

I'm still praying that soon peace will reign with both camps realizing that Allah and God are one and the same.

Thanks for sharing a very enlightening post. Happy blog hopping.

Jena Isle said...

That should read:

"...I know the pogroms in Ireland is history which belong to the past.."


"...people still kill each other because some believe in Allah and some in God/Jesus Christ."


Ray Gratzner said...

dear tomas,

thank you for your thoughts. I perceive the double sides you speak of too.

If we have a look at how tolerance has grown in Europe during one century I think we can look forward to the next hundred years with great expectations for the betterment of mankind.

Happy Blogging

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear pinklady you have found a precise way to put it in words. It is faith, that matters. This is a message worth wile to receive....Thank you and Happy Blogging

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, I like to think that too Furthermore, that the many ways are a great treasure for us all, if we would share our insights.... Thank you for visiting and commenting. Happy blogging

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena,

it is a scary thought, to think of people who feel empowered by their belief to kill other people.

I do hope you live in an secure area and while the social conditions are stable these blod-thirsty scoundrels find no support under the local communities.

Neither christians nor muslims believe that it is allowed to take the life of a human being - so these people are criminals.....I hope one day they will be forgotten...

I wish you a lot of peace...Happy Blogging