Love is always the answer

Is the love which we give to children, not the same love which we give to ourselves if we feel small and helpless?

Only if I accept my internal child without wanting to form it, I have the strength to love a child. We should allow every person to behave childishly childlike independent of his / her age. This tolerance is a signpost in a more affectionate world.

Now I am away, playing ......


Jena Isle said...

Being childlike is a blessing - bold, imaginative, pure, happy, simple, etc. but being childish is dumb.


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for this smart coaching. I exchanged childish with childlike...Thank you very much indeed ....Happy Blogging ;-)

Perspective Shift Chris said...

True.I definitley agree. Being a child is about a lot more than carefree playfulness. It's that innocence and openness to change and growth. It's looking at the good instead of dwelling on the negative. Great post :) I needed it today.