Superheros Have Weak Moments From Time To Time

The little boy lies on the lawn. The sun warms him. He lies on an old blanket, good enough for playing. The world around him seems no longer to exist, because he reads spellbound a comic. Superman saves the world and Ray is engrossed in it.

Superman suffers much, because the villains put expose him to Kryptonit. Kryptonit, a material from superman's home planet's is his vulnerable point, he loses all his superpowers, and is weaker than a child, still weaker than Ray .....


Would you know that Kryptonit was invented 1943, when in the U.S. a radio drama series ran, "Adventures of Superman". The exhausted actor needed vacation. Exposed to Kryptonit Superman became so ill that he could only croak and thus another actor slipped temporarily in the role of Superman, while the other actor went on holidays.

Sometimes the audience will see a play containing threats in order to win time, take a break, etc.

  • Since then I remember Iraq and weapons of mass destruction ...., never were any of them found - there was still war.

  • The evil bankers who allegedly alone caused a worldwide crisis and now the politicians are forcing the taxpayers to pay a few hundred billion for bad loans ... For kindergartens and poor children, we have no money, they are not evil enough and threaten not (yet) the world. Perhaps there would be more money if the first dirty bomb were being built in a kindergarten ....
  • The adding of Bio fuel for cars, supposedly meant to be helpful for the environment, but in truth helpful for the German automobile industry, which need to produce CO2 poorer fleets, according to EU regulations.
We live in a comic world, so pick your super hero shirts and save the world ....


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

We're little heroes in our own right. Whenever we help others and do something for them out of the goodness of our hearts -we are heroes. Cheers!

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ray,
Doing our best to do what is right by others and our world does truly make us heroes, I will be posting an award for you at my blog
Thanks for sharing
Janet :)