Great Things Will Happen

A dreamer is some sort of energy that can not decide whether it wants to move or stay. Whenever you dream, your energy glides into along like the big hovercrafts. And if you do not have a drive, then the wind of intention blows you away. And you will enjoy only a beautiful, colorful dream while having perhaps the impression of doing something powerful.

The difference between dreams and dreaming is the intention. Focus your intention on dreaming and try to achieve all what you always wanted to achieve - and remember that there is no difference between dreams and waking ......


Bing (PinkLady) said...

what a beautiful post Ray! as always! no dream is ever impossible to achieve if one works on it. it's all up to us to make things happen.

nice to see you blogging again :)

blessings, my friend!

Angelr said...

Well said! Dreams are there to be realized. You just have to want to have them.

One of my favorite quots is "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you have imagined.

Enreal said...

very wise words... thank you for your vision

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the help to grasp the difference between the dreams and dreaming.

Anonymous said...

"and remember that there is no difference between dreams and waking ......"

Early this morning, the border between dreams and waking was very confusing.

After a terrifying nightmare (was it a nightmare or a reflection of something "real" being told to me through my dreams?) I woke up wanting to turn on the light quickly so to dispel the frigthneing sounds I was hearing. So real.

But, though I was awake (I was seeing my body lying on my bed in the dark room), I was also still trapped in the dreaming proccess because while a part of me was aware of what was going on and making a huge effort to move my hand and reach the light switch, I was absolutely unable to move any part of my body.

It was strange. I was like seeing my body from above. Watching the effort she was doing to move her arm and turn on the light Yet completely unable because I (what make the body able to do movements) was not into the body, but still outside, where we go when we are dreaming.

It was very scary because I was still hearing a frightneing sound (laughs ... there were laughs laughing in a terrorific way and I wanted to stop them by trying to turn the light on. But no matter the effort of my body. I couldn´t do anything to move my hand even being already awake and having stop dreaming (a part of me at least).

In that dream, I saw the espectro of a close relative of mine ("mother") coming to my bed while I was sleeping and doing something awful to me. And I saw that in the dream from above. From outside. And, after that, those laughters ... coming from the depths of God knows where. And the anguish trying to move my body to reach the switch light without being able to do it ...

When at last my body did respond and I was again inside and turned the light on, I was still so frightened by those vivid and scary laughters, that, though tired and sleepy, I didn´t want to turn off the light again so to go back to sleep.

But now that feeling or sensation is no more, thank God.

Have you ever seen your body from above or outside while still being dreaming/sleeping?

Margo said...

Lovely post, something I would like to remember and come back to.

ABETHIA said...

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