Energy Surge

"Sometimes I find it hard to believe myself. I forget what I wanted to do, I no longer believe that my actions make sense. It took me years of my life finding out that this view and the related feelings are a result of the direction in which I habitually looked. "

"Which direction do you mean?"

"Well, each person has a direction in which his energy body looks. There is a front and a back of the body and the body looks usually in a certain direction. To name the direction according to the orientations of the sky is merely symbolical meant. The directions are based on the energy flow which surrounds us all. "

"And why has the feeling of futility something to do with an energy flow direction?"

"There is a direction that is fond of beginning new things. This direction emits large energy peaks, which challenge everything what has been done so far. After the energy surge a feeling of futility spreads during the pause that follows the energy surge. It is not a bad thing, to start new things. Try to feel my feelings. "

I feel a constant search for new ways of starting tasks with less effort and every day in a new way.

"I learned to accept this feature of me and learned to cope with them. Every day anew I ponder how to start things small with little effort and I search for a new approach of my projects from yesterday. In the meantime I succeeded to steady and stabilise the energy eruptions and extend the length of duration. The feeling of futility is gone and my life is a new beginning infinitely long."


rain-bow-bridge said...

... incredibly, isn't it... thank you...

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello rain-bow-bridge, you are welcome.

Merging Point said...

To identify, accept and welcome the change and be the change is the one. all the best Rainer! lol

Liara Covert said...

Who you were even a moment ago is no different from who you are now. The only things that change come out of how you view yourself. We don't discern how this evolves.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, I saw the change and to me the meaning is that persons change permanently. There are a lot of patterns in energyflows which als do ahve their meaning, but it is a subjective view and maybe limited to me.