Critics welcome

Dear readers, some time ago I formulated for the German part of the blog comment rules which resemble more or less to comment rules from other blogs: Netiquette is desirable and otherwise there is freedom of expression.

Although there is a saying that critics is good but self-criticism is better, I would like to read more constructive criticism. What was missing in a post, what disturbed you, where do you see things differently?

About criticism I'm not angry because I want to learn to get better and better Absolutely not will I visit your site after a negative criticism and write nasty comments, promised. Recently a reader wrote that I would write so general in the post, she didn't like it, she prefers concrete details.

I thought that was a wonderful critic and I want my readers encourage to express critical thoughts, as only from open and honest feedback comes movement and momentum into the exciting world of mystic. Thank you.


Tania said...

If you write more "concrete details" into your posts, you also take away the part of personal interpretation.

It's like watching a movie instead of reading the book... it's never as good, but easier :)

Growth takes patience... lots of it... as well as filling in the blanks for oneself. That's wisdom... to experience.

Don't change your style... for anyone.


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tania, thank you for reminding me of the importance of personal interpretation. from that perspective you are quite right, and thank your for advising.