Once again, I had reached the place of mourning. A lonely place in a rocky forest landscape. It was a clear moon night and I looked sad across the schemes of the pine trees. Everything was quiet and given the evening sky and the solitude in a pristine landscape I felt the miracle of life. All the stars above me, the earth and its living creatures, why there was all this? Where was the sense?

In the middle of my body I felt that something approached me. I relaxed and opened cautiously my senses and got in contact. The thoughts ebbed away. And the small sandy ruts on the ground appeared in silvery sheen of the moons of light and the shallow shadow to to be huge mountains.

Amid all my grief I looked inwards in my solar plexus. I saw a smiling happy Ray. I opened my eyes and saw the sun woman whose arriving I had not noticed.

I felt her, and felt a loving certainty that time had come to understand.

"Ray, a lifetime the people mourn because of losses and injuries which they suffered in the past. All this grief is stored in the solar plexus and in order to anchor there, it needs a hook to fix the grief. The catch is no metal hooks, as you may visualize, it is a hook from fibers springing from the umbilical area. Find the hook. "

I was not talking, and my thoughts always seemed to have disappeared, and then I saw the hook. A rigid formation of fibers, at which dark shreds hung like torn clothes.

The sun woman smiled at me in the moonlight. "Put the hook down, send them back to the navel."

Without knowing how I could probably perform, the hook suddenly reeled in. A wave of pain and sadness covered me, shook me and left me. The sorrow was gone.

"Sometimes we grieve. Sometimes men take too long, in order to meet the feelings. They are hooked in the truest sense of the word. Check again and again from time to time that the mourning has no connection to the navel so you could sad feelings let go again. "

I nodded. Without words, I looked up into the starry sky. Happy.

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