Think Pink

Doe Lang, has written a wonderful book, that I appreciate very much. Charisma: Discover and Unleash Your Hidden Powers

Lang reports on page 114 of her book a technique of the Rosecrucians. 'Color breathing' for healing. This is about the power of thoughts, the power of visualization to change things, to heal and to rejuvenate.

If I want to help someone whose emotional problems had lead to illness, then I imagine a pink or rosy color surrounding the person. Recommended is the practice at a time when the person is asleep. A physical proximity to the person is not required.

First, I meditate and purify my own consciousness, then I visualize the person whom I want to help. I am sending a feeling of love to surround him using the appropriate color.

If the illness is not caused emotionally but physically, then I send use orange color.

Light meditations are meditations which I am personally very much fond of and I bet some of you have this technique already applied. Did it work well?


The Fearless Blog said...

Thank you for the information. I received news today that close relative is very ill, so I will think orange and pray for them tonight.

I believe that every person carries an aura around his or her body. This may sound far fetched, but I have seen this color, this glow or lack of glow around some people. It is truly amazing.

Tania said...

I have my clients use the color breathing technique on themselves as well... I have them imagine drawing in color with each breath and feeling that color fill their whole body with each inhale. On the exhale, release the negativity. With each inhale, imagine the color becoming stronger.

Ray Gratzner said...

dear fearless blog, thank you for sharing your perception and I think you are blessed to see it.

dear tania, thank you for refining and detailing the technique. I know you are an expert.