"To desire to get one's own feet bound

Nobody is one other property.
Even the love
gives you no rights
on the beloved people.
If you love him like yourself,
you would wish that he
unfolds and be happy
as you expect for yourself.
the most beautiful task is to
to let love
in freedom
grow. "

Source: Chen Chao-Hsiu Lotus heart. For a happy life in love.

A continuing challenge in life is love. If we are not lucky enough to grow up as the beloved child, surrounded by people, who love us and to have chosen someone as a partner, who was always loved, then the feeling of love may be a scarce resource that every day anew must be learned and lived.


Enreal said...

Let love in freedom grow... what a brilliant concept... not only in "love" but in life... freedom applies to all Life..."everyday anew must be learned and lived"


A.V.C. said...

Very nice post.
Love challenges us, for sure!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal thank you for your inspiring comment. Have a beautiful day.

Dear a.v.c. thank you, I hope there will be a lot of challenges. ;-)