Warriors journey to the moon

Ringman and Searchman lead a conversation among men. The goal is the spiritual training of searchman. Present is the liar, a selfish dirty guy who would kill for a little recognition his best friend. People do have their weaknesses.

Ringman: "So now we want to talk about something, which has not yet entered in your awareness. You are under the coercion to pretend to all kinds of people you would like them. Reagradless whether you want something of these people or not. You want, that all people think you are a great guy. This is typical for helpful men. A warrior is not interested in what others think of him. He has an intention and accordingly he chooses. You have no choice, because you want to be everybodies darling. If someone refuse you his recognition you stay bound to him for years. "

"You are loquacious. You smear people honey around the mouth and if there is someone that you find cool, then you want to be like him and want to do better what he does as well as possible, so that you might become his friend."

"A warrior involves himself as he is. He is not adjusted. If he is furtive, it means that it reveals not everything. Don't you deny it?"

Ringman looks inquisitive at searchman. Searchman nods slowly, apparently at the moment he has no idea what to say while liar looks very important, although he would never have been capable of ringman's analysis.

"Good. He is here to take you to a place, where you'll correct this misconduct." Ringman nods his head in the direction of the liar.

The liar, "Wait a minute. You see the hut? There is someone I know. We have time let us look." Searchman nods suspiciously.

The liar goes into the hut, cautiously as if he had been lambasted in the hut some time ago, because of he gets always beaten up for his notorious lies almost everywhere.

An old man appears: "Hello. Be my guest."

The liar: "We were just in the vicinity." He claps with his crude fatty hands before his greasy forehead. "That reminds me, I have something forgotten at ringman. "Here," the Liar shows theatrical on searchman, "is my protege. Can he wait?"
Old man, "sure." He smiles pleasantly and friendly.

The liar goes off.

Old man is composed and silent.

Searchman: "You're a warrior, aren't you?"

"Yes, that's true, but age makes me ache."

"I want to be a warrior. In other words, I am trying to be one."

The old man seems unmoved, seems pensive. "I would have to fetch water. 20 buckets I need."
Searchman, "should I get them for you?"

Old man refuses, "oh you do not need that."
Searchman, "but this time I like."

Old man, "well. There is the bucket." He points in the corner of the room. "The fountain is in front of the house. Bring the water to the boiler there." He indicates a boiler more like an oversized bathtub.

Searchman brings water. He is delighted to do the old man a favour. Soon he has fetched the twenty buckets.

"Beautiful. I need a little wood. I still have much to do."

Searchman is a bit exhausted. "O, I can still get that."

The old man shrugs his shoulders. "Well. Place the wood under the boiler."

Soon the old man can lit fire to the wood.

"Can you get me the two chains over there?", he asks searchman.

Searchman feels very flabby, to much work, but happy he gets the chains. Suddenly, the old man quickly chains searchman wrists and with a small push he pushes search man in the boiler.

Search man calls outraged. "I protest."

The old man feeds the fire unmoved. He turns around and laughs a little. Searchman's view falls on an inscription in the boiler.

"I will eat you. You are a gift of power." Search man now begins to rage. I stupid sheep. What a stupid situation. The he calms and tries to call the liar.

The liar appears soon. "Why did you do to that?", he asks inflated, as if he had swallowed two teachers.

Searchman is ashamed, "get me out of here," he says contrite.

Ringman comes in and searchman looks taken aback. The liar and ring man giggle suppressed.

Liar "Now correct your mood."

Ring man. "This was a warning. Through your chumming up to the old man you delivered yourself. You would have been eaten. You were trapped. Change yourself. People can exploit you."
"Feel me, this is the feeling that a warrior suffices himself. It is the answer to your mistake."

"I give you a task. You always shall have a sense of sufficing yourself in the presence of other people.. Then you should always know exactly what you want of the people and then act like a warrior."

The liar looks important and happy.. He is almost bursting with pride, having witnessed such an important training moment. Then he lays down to sleep. Ringman and Searchman go outside.

"That with the mirroring you have done well. That were all the emotions that liar felt inside. He belongs to the people who impose their feelings to others. His pompous behaviour were his parents, who have not loved him. He could live up to their expectations, until he learned to tell them what they wanted to hear. "

"And, did he learn?"

Ringman shrugs his shoulders, "who knows, who knows. Liars have long legs."

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