Three items for daily life

We all have to die, but there is hopefully still a long period until this moment, because even more important than death or the preparation for death is life and to prepare for life.

Whoever reads this, has an idea of the longing of the soul to the loving unity and harmony with the world around us. The everyday life with its conflicts about money, to get acknowledgement, to keep healthy, stresses repeatedly the separation between people. Daily life is not about harmony. It is about the contractual relationship.

What should a contractual relationship mean to the soul, if it is able to be united with all around us and to connect the unity to feel loving. Our everyday experiences remove ourselves from the needs and experiences of our soul as spiritual beings. And so, every serious spiritual path has to deal with the everyday life.

In everyday life I have to strive for an attitude that will help me charging with the energy to meditate successfully and to be successfully in everyday life too.

1st Look once a day at your body as a temple that hosts your your soul. The cosmetics industry wants us to give a feeling of being a sick bag of carbon chains residing in an acne-amplifier.
2nd Meet other people and the environment consciously with the humility that we owe a giant creation. Not the details or the individual is important, as we should view at the world according to the contract concept. The whole picture and our association we should take care of.
3rd Once a day send your love in the infinity and listen to the answer. The television would have us sometimes believe that only violence and enforcement assets creates a better world. The soul is the ultimate multimedia center, which can not be copied. The soul is the ultimate do-gooder in the world.


Enhance Life said...

Very refreshing post. Thanks

Enhance Life

Jenaisle said...

Good post. Yes, we ought to remember these three pointers. Keep posting.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear shamelle, thank you for visiting,

Dear jeanisle, I will keep up posting.

Mark said...

Live and love in the moment! THis is what it is all about.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, you have power.