Bad fellows are the track hounds of the seeker

Help me, that was an arrogant man. Normally I am immune the swell-headed behaviour of some fellow, but here and now makes me feel bad that John Doe is making fun of one of my ideas, as if he had the eaten wisdom with spoons. I recognize clearly that he produces himself and he uses me as an opportunity form to present from his best side.

From my mind, I know that the John Doe's of this world will reveal themselves. I have nothing to do myself, besides to make him take responsibilities or ask five times in succession and the bloating starts to crumble, because true knowledge is achieved through hard labour, is accompanied by a sense of devotion. But not today, the feeling of anger is there and it doesn't show me the weakness of John Doe, his ego trip, his never-ending production of messages "I'm important". No it shows me the feeling me that I do not understand or the else I do not yet successfully protect.

John Doe shows me the spot where I must look to in order to develop further. Thank you John Doe, even if you're a stupid egg you are my top tracking dog.

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