Setting the sail of attention II

"Let us talk about your first mistake Ray. We men of action do not act only. We do everything. We can be effective scholars, we find ways, we operate behind the scenes, all that we can do. The action we focus on, which is the characteristic of the man of action mind is a matter of the second attention. If I execute a manoeuvres of the attention in the second attention, then I see myself. With my whole body I am involved in something that does not exist in the first attention. There is a one to one relationship between body feeling in everyday life and experience of knowledge. A man of action remembers physically, so his actions becomes special. He knows what he has to do and in a second Step he has to explain it to others why he did the things the way he has done them - this is sometimes not so easy, because there is not always for each knowledge and every nuance of the body feeling a word. "

He looks at me in silence.

"And what is my mistake?"

While I ask him, he moves in the lips sync with my question.

"The mistake is easy explained. People can gather knowledge without being aware of it it in their daily awareness. It may be that they become aware of this only when they die and their energy prepares for the last trip, put in flowery words. Knowledge is always physically and not everyone who can put his knowledge immediately in overblown words and put it in glued pulp is a man of knowledge. You know, for example, already much more than you know that you know it, because you do not trust your body and the people around us, keep a secret in their bodies, that I'm going to explain if I'll explain your second mistake. But did you have the former mentioned mistake about men of action? "

"The fact that they bear their knowledge with them physically, but do not always have immediately words for it?"

Dear reader, come back again tomorrow to get more pieces of information on the setting of the sail of attention III What may be the secret the people around us carry with them?

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