Knowledge I

She smelled sweet with a fragrant of coffee and cocoa. "I'm something like your teacher and I will give you the theory, which you will deepen in the practice later. The reward of the work is simple .... knowledge."

I nodded, clearly, if one did learn, then one did aquire knowledge.

"Not necessarily," she smiles broadly. "To know, one must gather knowledge do you know at all what knowledge is?"

I felt myself caught, but she smiled, she did not seem keen on exposing me.

"Physical access", I said determined. "If I feel it physically, that it is."

"I see."

"Yes, you feel it and know what it is," I reiterate, me feeling safe.

"And did you feel now that you know that physical?"


"Well, I would say it a little differently. Knowledge is any insight helping the people finding their way towards the liberation. This can be physical insight, but also much more. It is important to me, especially the reference to the path of liberation. If an insight does not help the people to be free, then it has no meaning for my knowledge, but is waste, which is required to discard. "

"You know it and we will often stumble on the social mechanisms of the people. They apply mechanism to put humans in chains. This is because the community has at some time decided that the free people mean difficulties for social communities."

"That sounds political."

"Yes, politics is not the way of knowledge in my opinion and hopefully, someday this view will even be your definition. It is the waste-way. Humans with knowlede are very social beings, but more about that later."


Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ray,
I like the part of this postthat says if you do not feel insight, then what is it good for, so true. Thanks for letting me know about the video, I switched it to youtube so you can watch it now.
Take Care,
Janet :)

artmirror said...

Thank you for the wonderful post. You ended it by writing "Humans with knowledge are very social beings, but more about that later." I am eagerly looking forward to continuation of the story - for further fellowship with you.

J.C. said...

I enjoyed this story a lot. It has some mystical and mysterious feel. Cheers.

Buddha said...

Great post!
We all get bogged down by knowledge and accepting new ideas becomes very difficult as we grow older.
That’s why I try to stay young!

Euroangel said...

nice words here...Life is always beautiful..."Live life to the fullest" as the saying goes...guten Nacht Deutschland!

Jena Isle said...

Very interesting post, knowledge is power, especially -knowledge applied. I have posted your comment in my campaign blog. You ca view the post here . Thanks and God bless.