Knowledge II

"Today, we start having a look at the power of thought and energy. Do you believe that thoughts have power?"

"Hmm, yeah sure thoughts have power, because depending on how I think I will do this or that."

She smiled broadly and she smelled like an evening breeze in a lemon tree grove. "Thoughts have little energy. You see, I am a Seeress. By this I mean that I can see the way to liberation according to the definition given earlier. Remember that, if you later will get in contact with other standpoints. Standpoints maintaining that thoughts create the world, that thoughts determine your life and so on. I do not think much of such positions. We stop the thoughts and liberate us from its burden, because we can live without thinking. "

"You mean thoughts lead to nothing," I did not think so. It was too easy and it was contrary to my everyday experience.

"Look, Ray, many people revolve in their thoughts around things that they can not move. They can not even realize that they cannot change the things, because the cannot see the road to freedom. Would they see their way to freedom, so as I do, then they would realize that they direct their life energy to a change in their lives, which will not happen, can not happen because they have no influence on them . "

She spoke calmly, slowly with selected breaks. This silence captured me and awakened a yearning in me. The yearning for clarity and security.

"Look at me many years ago. I was bleeding energy of life, because I iamgined, I would have to find true love. With a man!" Her eyes were big and looked at me. It seemed she waited until I woudl comprehend the enormity of the task, but why should a man not be capable of true love?

"I spent years of my life studying the psyche of men. Dear men attracted me, but I felt no physical longing. Mean men were interesting, but they disgusted me. I tried to create a sweet man who would be interesting and with whom I could develop myself. "

"So I studied copy over copy of your species, trying to understand and change, and yet - success was not granted to me what made my search for a success only more painful and intense. I was caught by the obsessive search for the man who would bring true love. "

"Then I remembered seeing in the middle of a conversation with my former partner."

"It was staggering. I just fought with my partner about whether he should or should not accompany me to dinner with a friend. It was my girlfriend and I wanted to go alone. He, however, obviously jealous and simultaneously denying it, saw this as an act of love, to accompany me. The long way home - and in the dark.... and, and. "

"Suddenly I became dizzy. I had shortness of breath and it rang in my ears. The world became flowing and objects were without limits and the first thing I realized in my changed perception ....."


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

This sure is a mind-boggling post.
I read it twice before something registered.

That's a new one thoughts have little energy...but I believe that in order to survive , we have to think, If we don't , then we're good as dead.

But of course you have to be discerning and accept those that you cannot change , like how hot the sun is,....lol..but I believe the power of thoughts cannot be denied.

When I was a child, I could will myself to have a fever, and I usually ended up having fever. lol...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts. God bless!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I think in the end we both will agree.

It is a matter of approach. How will I lead a person to a world without thoughts, even if I assume, he could not imagine, wether they will ever stop?
On the other hand, while you cannot stop your thoughts, your thoughts play a vital role for the innate images, you may create.
Then you stress the right thoughts, but you want to lead the people to produce certain innate images with certain thoughts.
It is a good workaraound until the the humans on their journey arrive in the world without thoughts.
So maybe, you thought you would become ill, but it was connected with the image and the feeling of being ill.
I think if you examine this part of your life, you will find a lot of power for changing your life in that....
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate them. Happy thoughts Jena....

Anonymous said...

Wow... this knowledge is intense... not as intense as a change in perception. I find so many different truths in this piece... some which contradict my notions and others which silently comply...

I do not know if there is only one right and wrong when it comes to knowledge, or love. They are both abstracts held in form by the intention... perhaps the intention can be different with or without context.

Intent is my lesson here... that is the brilliance of writing in metaphor... each finds their own truths.

Well done Ray

Erik said...

Ah perception. My advocate, my adversary.

I am enjoying your blog.