Blogparade, what is a spiritual human being?

Dear readers and seekers Dori of Chakrablog has called for the blog parade - what is a spiritual human being? Until the 26th February the parade will take place and this post is my contribution. If you want to take part, leave a link with your post in the comment section of Dori's post - Just follow the link.


She rested her hand in mine. The hand was warm and and lay with firm pressure in my hand. 'Let it go,' said my inner voice.

I nodded and lost the feeling for my body. One time I saw me, another time I looked through her eyes and then it seemed to me, that beside her eyes and my eyes, there were more eyes present.

Before I could think about it, it seemed to me that I was looking from the ceiling on both of us, her and me. It seemed as if the perceiving person now was a bodyless being.

I followed with my view her body, looked at her hand, which rested in mine and experienced another change of perspective. I looked at me from the ceiling through a second pair of eyes. Then I felt myself again and she smiled at me.

"If you want to put it like that, then you've now found the source of spirituality. People who are successful inn considering their life through the eyes of her other self, these people are spiritual people. Regardless of what they believe."

"Spirituality is a kind of life where you have integrated the whole of your self. What would your other self say what you have to do now?"

I thought of the bodyless eyes and immediately felt an injury, a mental injury.

"Touch you body with the hands of your other self. "

I touched the injury and was overwhelmed by a feeling of immense pain. My hands searched further and found an alien hand, which had dug its fingers in me. I removed the hand and the pain was gone.

"You see," she smiled, "if we are complete, then curing is simply an act of attention. But you're only at the beginning of your journey. In addition to the healing, there are thousands of other things that need to be learned there."

She rested her hand again in mine and I felt her cheerful fire, her pleasure of the dance and movement. I felt her life flowing and her unbridled power.


Game_Lover said...

Nice story :D about spiritual human in blogparade

That story look so interesting, thx for the post guys

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ray,
This is very inspirational. We have so much to discover about ourselves on our spiritual journey. Thanks for sharing,
Janet :)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

This post has a wonderful meaning hidden in a parable. Great way of presenting your thoughts. Way to go.
cheers and happy blog hopping.

PinkLady said...

Ray, this is a profound and beautiful post on spirituality. Indeed, each person's spiritual journey entails deeper learning and acceptance of things that are beyond what the eyes can see.

I hope you can drop by my site again soon because I have something there waiting for you.


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Robin said...

A beautiful and insightful perception of our selves - thanks Ray! (I haven't heard of a blog parade before - how exciting!)

Mark said...

Very beautiful story! We are all spiritual, the difference is a matter of awareness.