Tonight I saw your beautiful naked body
And recipes lept into my mind
And a long list of errands too

This morning I felt desire
I took the broom
And swept the yard and the street
In joyful anticipation of the tidyness

When I tasted the vanilla on your lips
I baked a cake with almonds in it
Because dainty almonds crossed my mind
How close was I to you when we ate the cake

The love comes from that country
Wherein today stay other guests
And would I love you thousandfold
You get the guest room as I told

Changed your love will be enthroned


Anonymous said...

You always take me to different parts of my mind. Your writing is so creative... I smile to myself and wonder... where does he come up with his stories? his beautiful words...

so different... thank you for awakening my mind time and time again. Have a nice weekend ray

Jena Isle said...

I agree with Enreal, I always wonder where your wonderful stories/parables, ideas and poems come from, they're totally unique.I see you as a philosopher because I have to analyze your articles to glean their true meaning. What do you really mean? And you express your thoughts poignantly even if English is only your second language.

In this particular post, I like the line "When I tasted the vanilla on your lips, I baked a cake with almonds in it."

YogaforCynics said...

Hmmm...fascinating, and sensual in soo many ways at once....I'm still working on figuring out those last couple of lines, but that's probably a good thing...what's easily digested doesn't stay with us long....

zorlone said...

I like how you show pictures in the readers mind! Your style is cool!
The broom is a nice touch... harry potter in a quidditch match?