How to get over toil?

'Toil is a form of lifestyle that makes us feel uncomfortable. But what if we consider the feeling as energy? "

"Whenever I feel fatigue, I draw my attention to the related energy and I always notice a commonality between the annoying feelings of my life -."

He closes his eyes as if he listen inside.

"The energy of the work that I feel as weary and the energy in my navel area are not consistent, in my navel area the nergy is no longer flowing, it can also be dark or even hard to see."

"When I see the energy in my navel joining the energy flow of the activity I perform, then I feel joy, excitement, pleasant expectations and I feel somehow sexy and attractive as well as successful."

"Have I succeeded in bringing the energy from my navel and of the activities into harmony, then I imagine myself in a dream. I use the flow to see me in a dream. I see me in a dream and watch me doing the toiling work."

"Then I feel how I feel in my dream and take the feeling for myself thus, I create an energy circuit between the navel and solar plexus - now the toil has become something entirely different. I have become something else. I'm in the spiritual balance with me and the world and I am without annoying feelings ... "

Story of the Day

A little girl was always sent to the bakery on Sunday in order to buy bread for all family members. "Oh ... no, I find it boring," the girl always used to say to her mother. "The road is so long, the bakers does not like me, the bread is so heavy. "

But the mother did not yield. "Come, go, you're already a big girl."

Then the little girl scuffled away. She was bent, and sometimes hits a toe and she sighed. Having gone half the way there was a bank. She seated herself on it and always looked longingly at the other children who played in a park. "They fare well, they do not have to work."

Suddenly the little girl fell asleep. It dreamed of having a kind of race with a friend on its way to the bakery. The baker donated them both with a few biscuits. Her favorite biscuits - sand thalers.

She was awakened by a shaking. Kerstin, a schoolfriend stood there with a shopping bag. "Are you sleeping?"

"Yes, a little. It's so boring and I have just to get bread."

"You too." Kerstins eyes radiated. "My mom always forces me to get bread."

Both felt closer in understanding. "Parents are sometimes stupid."

"Very silly," confirmed the little girl.

"Whoever is first at the bakers', Kerstin shouted and ran off. The little girl ran behind. Laughing and snorting they reached the baker.

The baker smiled when he saw the two girls. "Well, you two. Do you like cookies? For free from the previous day, because it's you." And handed botha few of the sand thalers. The little girl was very pleased and scratched his head.

A few minutes later both girls were sitting on the bench again and tehy split the biscuits between them. "You know what?", said Kerstin. "On sundays, let us always get bread together. That makes it more fun."

"Oh yes," said the little girl, and bit into the biscuit. "The world is beautiful," thought the two of them, while a little boy passed by. His mouth corners were drawn down and he scuffled by sighing.


Liara Covert said...

Everything depends on perspective. Thanks for your facebook invite. I am listed under another email address. You could send me an email with the email address you're listed under and I could invite you. I did not find you by simply typing in your name. Tschuss!

Buddha said...

I never have a problem with toil.
I love toil. It is an excellent way to burn out my negative energy.
Whenever I am angry or sad I find some toil and put all that energy into it and when the job is done the satisfaction of accomplishment always cheers me up.
Usually this works with physical labor. For intellectual labor I have to be in a good mood ;)

Jena Isle said...

I don't fancy manual labor but as Liara said it is all a matter of perception, so If I have to do it, then I better choose to like it.

Thanks for that enlightening post. God bless.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

I have re-posted your comment in my campaign blog. Here's the URL. Thanks and God bless.

Jane Doe said...

I like that story. Toil is always easier when you have a friend to take your mind off of it.

Tania said...

Great story! Living in the present and enjoying life changes the perspective of everything. It fans the fire of the second chakra - passion, beauty and pleasure. This light shines through to the outside for others to experience as well.

Buddha said...

I really miss your wonderful posts :(
I hope everything is OK with you.
I hope I will hear from you soon.
Love, peace and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Getting over toil? Never had much thought... I suppose I do not like nor dislike it... we do what we must... I have however taken a notice to the tedious aspects of life... when I must be still and work on small tasks I feel as though I drift away into a dream... When I awake the task is complete and I forgot what I was thinking about... I suppose that is how I get over toil. The story is a perfect example... redirecting intent... leads to new perspectives. Nice weaving of words... again :)