Ingenious, Gammel-Flesh Problem Solved

Gammel-Flesh means flesh that had been stored to long, to consume it.

Yesterday, I was at the Christmas market in Siegburg. The Christmas market takes place in form of a medieval market, very charming. Alex said, before he was he turned to the barbecue stand that he had eaten delicious crocodile meat sometime ago.

There it was, the solution to the Gammel-flesh-problem. In the federal republic of Germany we experienced some flesh scandals in the past.

Crocodiles are known to be scavengers. If we feed Gammel-flesh to the crocodiles and we eat them later, which are delicious and tasty, we have a win win situation for all parties: Everyone wins.

Bild: Guiri R. Reyes, Cocodrilo

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Quelle: www.piqs.de

The Gammel-flesh companies can legally dispose of their rotten meat. There are more crocodiles in the world who won't have to care to get fodder. The consumer receives tasty, varied cuisine.

Crocodile farms could built around prisons, and would thus help to save costs in the penitentiary.

The Bundestag, the parliament of the federal republic of Germany, must no longer look for legal solution.

No need for laws that the citizens are forced under a medical supervision, to control whether a consumer has eaten gammel-flesh, and perhaps to assess him with a penalty.

Alternatively, the farmers could be taken in recourse because the meat sold didn't last the standard warranty period of two years. Much sooner the flesh is no longer suitable for human consumption. Is it not bordering to fraud?

Or, thirdly, the tax on meat could be raised until meat is so expensive that the consumer will be forced to think twice whether he buys meat or not. That would have an additional carbon dioxide effect, because livestock requires the use of fossil fuels.

The forced incorporation of bio fuels to meat from renewable resources to make the meat more durable will certainly be a secret weapon of some backbencher. Who would take care of it if some nature reserves were made plain- as additional acreage for the crop from which bio fuels are produced.

Too, the Bundestag would be relieved to solve the gammel-flesh problem by crocodile farms without a legislative procedure. There would be available a few consultant contracts, as an additional incentive, meant for deputies who would fight for privatization of health supervision, and the inspectors could confiscate all found corrupt fleshly food for crocodile farms .

Win Win for all. Who has some suggestions for improvement or additional benefits?

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