There was once a small teddy bear, who sat one evening happy on the beach, watching the waves running with their white crowns onto the beach. The teddy bear had a dream. After years of captivity, being held by a small, nasty, selfish boy named Volker, Teddy dreamed that parents would give their children no more toys at Christmas.

A tear ran him out of his glass eye, the second eye had been slowly and painfully removed by the nasty boy during a doctor game. The traumatic experiences of his captivity passed by in his mind.

There was the slicing his tiny furry belly in order to get out his voice. Excruciating - for hours he saw the small Volker producing bah with his toys squeaker in his hands while in his small teddy bear belly gaped a big hole.

Sometimes Volker dragged him carelessly by the ear over the floor. Or he was abused as a weapon, being beaten on other childrens hard heads. How hard heads of small children could be!

No - his Martyrdom was over, he had escaped, heedless thrown in the thrash by the Miller family trash. Disappointing - after all these years that he had listened to the little secrets of Volker. "Teddy, I have stolen 50 cents out of mother's wallet. Teddy, I have glued my sister's homework. Teddy .."

The tears did not want to end on this beautiful evening, but Teddy was determined. The world must change. All the toys had to be brought to safety, out of the reach of clumsy, small, cruel hands ...

It was Christmas Eve and Santa Claus came over to Teddy. "Teddy, you were good all these years, so I bring you a special gift. I give you a living body. Teddy was overjoyed. He felt the heat in his new body, he saw through two eyes, and - he did not know how to move or speak.
Santa Claus smiled. "You will learn quickly," he guessed Teddys thoughts. "It is ok Teddy, I know that you are glad," and then he vanished into the hills of the Mediterranean coastal landscape.

At first it sounded like a caw, then as a guttural gargle, then it was loud and clear. "Revenge", it thundered into the stillness of the beach. And the hundredweight Teddy embarked on his revenge plans. First he stormed the next gendarmerie posts, blocked up the two soldiers, armed himself heavily, and jumped into a fully refuelled car.

His goal, his previous home in Germany. Teddy would inform the world public of his past purgatory and present the world the confessions of his cruel ex-family.

The tears ran down his cheeks when he imagined the future newspaper headlines. Innocent little teddy bear tormented for years. Alive thrown on the rubbish.

Yes, everybody should know. Deadly grinning, he showed his perfect fangs, Santa Claus had bestowed to him.

The timing was perfect. When in the gendarmerie the alarm turned on, Teddy bear entered unguardedly Germany and on the first Christmas Eve he headed for the home of the Miller family.

Teddy howled painfully, as he turned into the street seeing the sandpit where his head had been so often been beaten, if small Volker had fretted over vanities.

Teddy jumped out of the car, unlocked the Uzi and did not bother to ring the bell. He jumped against the door of Miller's, which jumped off the hinges. Then Teddy shot around wildly. There followed a cemetery silence.

Was anyone there? Teddy threw the empty weapon carelessly into the corner and went through the hallway of the family house to the dining room. With eyes wide open betraying the shock he saw father Miller, mother Miller, daughter Valeria, and nuisance nasty Volker. They had just eaten a fried turkey. Could they only enjoy themselves when others were suffering? This turkey would have had still a live, dreams, maybe of a turkey family and wandering in a full moon night under the sky feeling limitless freedom.

"A bear", shouted father Miller, and fainted, while mother Miller supported him.
"Revenge," shouted Teddy.

Mother Miller had everything under control, as always. "What is this? A joke? The door has to be repaired immediately. No one can celebrate Christmas, when the cold gets in from outside."

"I am Teddy, you have thrown me on the rubbish in France during holidays. That was bad!"

"Teddy, yes certainly, Volker had sometime ago an old teddy bear, we had to throw him away because he was worn out," said Ms. Miller thoughtfully but without significant movement.

Teddy screamed and tore up the second Uzi. The bullets hammered into the wallpaper of the dining room, the turkey danced in the hail of bullets like a tennis ball on a water fountain.

Heavy breathing small Volker woke up, clutching Teddy in his arm. He had seen a french gangster film after dinner and all the evil men had impressed him deeply. He said to his teddy, nothing will harm us .... It was quiet in the house. Peace everywhere, Christmas.

"An average student in the United States after completing high school... spent about 13000 hours in school - and 25000 hours before the TV. He has seen 32000 murders and seen 40000 attempted murders and 200000 acts of violence . In 73 percent of cases perpetrators get away with it , in more than half (58 percent) of cases, the violence does not hurt, and only four percent of all acts of violence are non-violent alternatives of solving problems. Children's brains if they extract rule from their experience, so seen from the scenes of violence, it may be in their brain only the following.. violence is very common in the world, it solves problems, and this, there is no alternative, violence does not hurt , and the perpetrators of violence are not prosecuted. "
Source: [werner stangl]s arbeitsblätter, Fernsehen und Gewalt
Picture: Christin Erwig, Eisbär 2
some rights reserved

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