I feel lonely and empty. There is none to talk to . In my apartment I have got all I need. Food, clothing, furniture and electronic entertainment. But nobody needs me. I disturb nobody, nobody is angry with me, laugh or cries with me. There is only silence.

After a while I am gone, I left civilization behind me and I am in the nature. In the mountains I sit on a stony protrusion and look at the beautiful landscape. Life is everywhere. Chamois, grass and good air.

The helpful man draws strength from the loneliness. Once alone, the desire to help others calms down and the helpful man has a chance to reflect his feelings. He can find out, why solitude strengthen him. Why him, why not other people?

The helpful man opens a mental eye when he is alone. He connects with the world around him. His mental eye shows him the things he needs to see. Things that will help him to survive. In daily life being silent has the same effect on the helpful man as solitude, the mental eye opens showing the things the helpful man needs to survive.

Silence in the presence of people has the same effect on the helpful man as if he were seeking solitude. Why is this so?

Because people build their everyday World build with words. Everything people do, they can explain with words. Only named things are real for them, therefore fraudsters invent names in order to sell people nothing in exchange for good money.

The people around me are creatures of words, creatures of speech. They must speak to exist. They talk and talk only to feel strong. The silence, the silence and the solitude make them afraid. If it is Christmas, then the effect grow large. Christmas is a celebration of many, where the family meets.

As many old people live alone today, and often one partner dies leaving the other alone, loneliness isn't just for Christmas a painful experience. What is worst is, the Lonely have no opportunities to talk.

"Grandma has everything we could think of, what else does she need?" That is the question the people ask who have not understood the nature of loneliness. When a man is alone outside, then he is in mortal danger. This is the old program in the genes. Your herd must be in the vicinity.

Who doesn't speak to people for a longer period, be it in the neighbourhood, the church service or shopping, isn't able to activate an important internal switch. The switch to the "I am in line with my group - we mutually protect ourselves." Why is this so important for lonely people?

The soul of a man is a fine, sensitive and vulnerable. This sensitivity is owed to the best achievements of humanity in the understanding of reasons and emotions. And this World dwindles every day, and is damaged every day you do not talk.

The reason for this is forgetting. We can forget, that should relieve the brain. But we can forget the people around us too. We can forget the World. By forgetting it dwindles. With each forgetting of human contacts, we will get hurt, get hurt, as if someone dies or is sick.

If the friends of the elderly die, they can still remember the common times, but there is no more reason to visit a friend, there's no more reason to tell him something, no more gift to choose. The world has become smaller.

All this will change if we are talking. We have contact, every person is different and we need to adjust to him. That expands our World. And we may have found someone who will benefit from our experience, to whom my knowledge could be important.

Talk to lonely people. Please take time for old people, for a conversation. If they are slow in speech, perhaps because they are not so much exercised. Patience, every old person is a database of invaluable experience that I just have to translate into in my own worlds speech. This brief moment of the interview makes us all richer and healthier. Especially now at Christmas when the loneliness for the Lonely among us becomes so painful that is equivalent to a physical pain. A little conversation can do wonders.

And if I am a helpful man, then I should remember that not all people get stronger from loneliness .


* Lonely people can visit speech clubs, such as the Toast Masters International.
* Young people can inquire in retirement homes in the care management whether there are older people who want to be accompanied for a walk. Walking in the park and leading a conversation is a good deed.
* Lonely people can occupy themselves with honorary posts and care for their contacts.
* Lonely people can create theater groups and organize performances in retirement homes.
* Lonely people can hold readings together with like-minded people, come together as literary clubs and and ....

Loneliness is not solitary experience, no matter what idea of a lone man has, others lonely people will already had it before. There is now only the man or the woman of the deed needed to give the impetus to an advertisement, a blog or word of mouth.

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