The Journey to the Unknown

There is a system for everyday use, which takes the seeker to the border of the unknown. After crossing the border to the unknowns, there is no longer any valid system. The system shown here in this blog enables the seeker to travel into the unknown within himself.

All human beings bear a marking on their spiritual body. The marking influences the perception of people. Here the journey starts.

Depending on the nature of the marking, people see only excerpts from the whole spectrum of possible views of the world. The fact that people mutually communicate different things about the World tell confuse the people. At the end of the process, they are all caught in a World of the least common denominator. This common-denominator perception is so rough that it fits everything. Thus the illusion of a common world of humans is created. The blog deals with the path to the unknown, where man can find his freedom. This freedom means not a freedom from physical constraints. It is the freedom of the spirit, to choose his path individually. I will tell more of this in later posts.

The system is consists of eight stations on the road to freedom. The first trip Station is the recognition of one's own perception bias. This is not a question of recognizing that every person sees the world differently or maintains other views. No -it's about the realization that one's own perception follow a pattern. And so the first objective of the trip is, finding the shadow of the marking. There are various techniques for this end which will be presented from time to time.

If you succeeded in finding and understanding the shadow of perception, then you are ready for the study of the shadow of other people. You acquired now enough distance to the perception barriers of your fellow man. This second trip Station is the recognition of the types and directions of the people. Their understanding is a major step of the journey.

Knowing yourself you know others, you understand the limits of conscious perception.

The next trip stage is the development of perception. Free from the boundaries of outer and inner world, the perception is unfolded by exercise. This requires energy of the traveler, so that two travel parts run parallel to the unknown. One destination is the collection of energy, the other destination is the development of perception.

How to collect energy, I already posted on the Top Ten Love Blockers, which are indeed energy waster. For the development of the perception meditation exercises are suitable for which examples were presented too.

If the travelers gathers enough energy to unfold perception, then you can start travelling to the next goal. The mastery of intent. With a spread intention the intention lays right before the seeker. Still, he has no authority over them. The intention is to master, because otherwise the traveler cannot detach his perception from the brim of the known world.

By practicing the intention two other destinations join the goals. The first trip is dreaming, and the second trip is the second sight. Both the dreaming and the second sight are to be detached form the border of the known world. There are, as for every trip station, exercises.

Has the seekers gained control of his dreams, the second sight and the intention, the last section of the travel approaches, to leave the system again. The journey into the unknown. The journey into the unknown is carefully prepared. If it is successful, the circle closes. The successful traveller of the unknown, gives his knowledge to the next, who is really looking for knowledge.

Unknown and the unexpected often does not correspond to the expectations and so is the journey into the unknown never, what the travelers expected. The experience is really unknown. The travelers come back with skills, knowledge, may be useful or not - the travelers themselves will find out that it is completely new. They experience their human-being in the full breadth of its possibilities.


Liara Covert said...

Life itself is a journey through unknown and unexpected experiences. Yet, each of us have chosen to be here. We bravely incarnated of our own free will to serve a purpose. We spend a lifetime reminding ourselves why.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, in my personal experience, there were times when life was not a journey through the unknown but a daily known business.
Life had become a routine.
Regarding the incarnation I can't say anything at the moment because I haven't made up my mind yet nor have found out in meditation what happens when life starts. Do you have experiences?

Jena Isle said...

That was quite an interesting concept about life.

For me we seek our own meaning in our own interaction with others. We can only come to learn about ourselves when we do. We can only know our tolerance of pain, when someone inflicts pain to us. We can only how how tolerant we are of something, we get exposed to it.

Life is a constant struggle, but our purpose in this world is not for ourselves alone but also for others.