Secret Knowledge: The Mastery of Intent

When I was a little boy, I have always wondered why esoteric secret has remained secret for so many centuries. The answer is simple and unexpectedly, the knowledge to use requires a different way of life than everyday life. And so much of the secret is only hidden from the people, because whatever they gain in knowledge, they loose it everyday life again. In the struggle for inner peace, power and freedom, the everyday life is the decisive moment.

What is intent?

Intent is a form of energy that is not perceived, but which impact can be felt. The source of intent is outside the human world. You can not ask for something to be done, because this energy knows no human feelings. If, for example, a railway accident happens, a force that cares for human beings most likely would prevent such an accident. Such incidents shows that the intent is unbending.

The intent has a rule, which is open to all people. Everyone could master his intent, if he complied with the rule, because the intent cares not about whether someone knows the rule or comply not. Similar to a ball that falls down, whether it knows the law of gravity or don't.

The intent of the rule is simple and reads:

All people are equal.
The intent cares for no living being.
The intent can't be perceived.
The intent is noticed by its effects
I call the intent by imagining to perceive its impact.

And now the practical application I daydream that something happens in my life, e.g. that I will marry, and this picture does not matter to me - I am unconcerned over the picture and I feel equal to all living beings in my daydream. By doing this, I call the power of intent.

Now you can immediately see why the intent is so often lacking.

Top 1: Grief, I am dissatisfied with the effects of intention, I want to get more, want more force. This feeling close the mouth which called the intent, because the intent doesn't care.

Top 2: I succeed a little, I feel competent and superior, and I shut the mouth calling the intention, because my ego has grown, things are no longer equal and I am in no harmony with my intent any longer.

Yes, you can say that the typical form of human psyche and the mastery of intent exclude each other. I would have to lead a special life, to master the intent. Nevertheless, many people succeeds in mastering the intent punctually, as a team, on an equal footing, with a sober almost scientific approach.

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