Unbelievable: Email From Kindom Come

A happily married couple will spend their vacation in the south. The want to go there by plane. The day of departure approaches. Suddenly the woman learns that on the day of departure her company will need her due to an urgency. She can take her holiday with day delay. The husband contacts the airline and it can arrange that the husband flies as planned and his wife may fly the following day.

As the man arrives in the resort, he is happy to see that everything is so beautiful. He decides to write his wife an e-mail. He has got a notebook and in the hotel, there is an Internet connection available. When he sends the email, he types a false e-mail-address and the email will be sent to a widow who has just lost her husband.

This widow accompanied by her son comes home and turns the computer on to read her e-mails. She reads, shaking her head and faints falling on the ground. Her son runs to her and reads the screen, "Hi darling, here is your man, I just arrived. The people are nice and everything is wonderful, but it is so terribly hot here. For your arrival tomorrow all is prepared. Until soon."

Fun aside.

In the magazine "My truth", Issue No. 13 / 2007, there is an article about e-mail from the kingdom come. Oh God, what will my friend tell me. " A woman whose married friend died, gets an e-mail from her dead friend, who in his lifetime was not knowing that she bears a child from him under her heart. Soon her swelling belly will no longer hide the truth .

In the entertaining story, there is a natural explanation, but the hook of the story works. If I received an e-mail from the kingdom come , I would be amazed. Who wants to talk to me? And why?

In our world, the richest and most powerful people own the best means of communication. Communication over long distances can be expensive to maintain. Should we not expect that whoever calls from the kingdom come, is very rich and powerful in the afterworld. That status would be impossible for the newly deceased. The need to cope with how to make a career. And the rich and powerful of this world want to be among themselves. Why should the rich and powerful in the afterlife then call for us. For amusement, doorbell prank from the beyond. Boring Small-Talk from the realm of the dead? Hardly.

Contacts with the kingdom come touches many people and there is hardly a family history , in which no contacts with someone from deceased is reported. Why is that so? What fascinates me - what fascinates others with what content the messages from the afterlife might have. Because nobody has ever come back? And people who returned, tell fascinating NDEs, facing the awesome silence of their audience.

One thing is surely the secret that surrounds the kingdom come, the other thing is that sometimes a life is so quickly extinguished, not all of the people affected could take leave.

Now what I want to say something and it won't be able to tell it evermore. Relationship threads float through our painful soul.

My mother grew up with her grandparents. She loved her grandfather over all. While attending home economics school, she received a telegram. You should come home immediately, the grandfather is ill. When my mother reached her beloved grandfather he was no longer alive. Despite all the haste and quick travel she came too late. The grandfather was dead. Not having been allowed to take leave of him was her greatest pain. When she slept in her parents' house, she got awake at night. She had the feeling someone had caressed her face and kissed it gently. She was sure the grandfather would for a moment have returned from the border of the dead and comforted her so much that could make peace with the death of her grandfather .

Had my mother contact with the dead grandfather? Did she dreamed her yearning desire? I do not know, but my mother was certain about her experience.

Death fills us with intense feelings, and there is no equitable order in the crossing over . These feelings seizes everybody, regardless which images he may have from the afterlife.

What ideas do you have from afterlife? What will it be like?

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