All Good Things Comes in Threes, Warmth

Liquids are stronger than stone. The grinded pebbles in the river bed, the mountains divided by water prove it. Water overcomes every obstacle, finds a way around the barrier, evaporates or freezes and blasts obstacles. Water creates life and habitats, transports food into the smallest cell.

Feelings are interpersonal liquids.

Feelings are stronger than any hard man. All the rebellious spirits who follow finally the love, the hopeless situations in life we managed with the power of our emotions prove it. Emotions overcome any hard-hearted people by evading them, looking for other ways, by raising or cool down and boldly and resolutely claim successfully a place to live and dream. Feelings make us feel alive. Feelings carry food in the tiniest spots of the soul.

To share a feeling with another person is warmth. Donate a feeling - whether large or small. You can build the warming network, which connects us all to life and nourishes us.

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