Feelings left behind

It was years ago, I delivered newspapers in the early morning. I rode with a bike along a lonely road. Left and right there were only meadows and trees. At a certain point between two villages, I came across a place in the meadows, were a dark sad inexplicable feeling seized me. In the morning twilight, I had no particular desire to examine this meadow. I also had customers who were waiting for their newspaper. But the impression of enormous grief hooked me.

One day, I spent my spare time walking between the villages. I examined the meadow. I discovered on the ground remains of foundations of old buildings. A building had been established, but when and why?

I asked a villager. He remembered that there had been a small camp during the Second World War.

Had I felt the hurt feelings of the prisoners, had I felt their unhappiness? Could it be possible after so many years that at this place feelings could be felt. I had first felt the strange feelings and later discovered the foundations of the former barracks. The chronological order convinced me that the people hat not taken their feelings with them when they left.

What is your opinion. Can human beings leave feelings at places? Can you feel these feelings?


Tania said...

Yes, I do believe that feelings can be left behind. Emotions are energetic. I think that the stronger the tie is to the location or person, the more likely the energy will stay. Hence, "ghosts". And yes, I do feel energies and emotions.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you for commenting Tania. I believe you do have a lot of practical experience.

Ray Gratzner said...
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John W. Malenda said...

I had written a novel a number of years ago (now out of print) that was something of a mystical journey.
In it I discussed this subject of ‘impressions’ left behind.
I wondered if what we think might be tapping into a past life, that we are reincarnated beings, is nothing more than sensing the impressions of strong emotions that have been left behind by someone else.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello John, you make me curious. Did you publish as John Malenda, or did you use a pseudonym?