"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's"

Matthew 22.21

This sentence from the Bible, should clarify who is king on earth. This message may be applied to the esoteric too.

There is always the area everyday life. In everyday life people need to work, there are laws, which all citizens have to obey. For me, this sentence "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's", includes the meaning not to mingle things together which are not related.

We live in everyday life in a world of cause and effect. If we want to behave sensible, all our actions should have a rational justification. For example, I take a shopping cart because I want to buy more than I could carry in my hands. Irrational justifications have no place in everyday life. If the reason is the Emperor of the everyday world, then I give to Caesar what is Caesar's, by doing things in a reasonable manner.

With meditation, shamanism and rituals etc. I change the perception of my body to the content of the second attention. The emperor changes. Now apply different rules and practices, to strengthen and protect me in dealing with the second attention. Whatever I learn from there, if I want to use it in the everyday, the knowledge must be in accordance to the principle of reason in everyday life.

Thus esoteric seekers are much more intelligible people, as a non-seekers, because the seeker performs a change of perspective deliberately. He distinguishes better between the reasonable and irrational world, and uses his energies more efficiently in both worlds.

A non-seeker who does not know the difference may think that the world view of an esoteric seeker is a mix of both attentions and becomes mistaken that esoteric people are not fit for the world .

Who has experienced this discussion before. What happened?

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