Humans Map The World

Today I continue my post of 26.11.04: Is the way the goal?

I claimed at the end of the post that a man follows in the course of his life four ways. One of them is the way to the map of the world.

When we come into existence, then we stumble into the unknown. We know nothing, but like a small foal immediately starts to run, we feel we have to obey an order. The mission, to explore and map the ways in the world around us. We want to make a map.

If you have a childhood memory, you can use this feeling in your meditation, feeling this first strong urge to trace. If you are older, then you will be blessed with memories of your childhood . With these memories every human being has the key to his personal map in his hand. If all older people only knew the importance of childhood memories for their well-being and personal way.

The inner mission is simple - without any words is clear to us, that this world has an extension, and we want to explore it. But not only that we want to know what surrounds us, we remember our ways, we remember maps. We understand the world like a walk in a garden of wonders. During the first weeks of life we experience a rush of new adventure trips. But then the thrill of the new disappears. We live in known world filled with routine. Only when we encounter new and unknown place, we can obey to the inner command to create a map.

Why is it such important to heed an internal command? It is important because this journey is a part of us, who always want to go into the unknown, and then is stalled. And these blocked energies prevents us from being in the flow. Let us face for a lifetime the unknown, then we keep that part in us young and fresh, we become like the baby in us, feeling the adventure of our first trip of our life.

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