The Initiate in the New World

A beautiful book of Cyril Scott. From time to time I like to read it again. How much esoteric content appears unchanged while time passes by, only the language adapts to the spirit of the age.

".... Another important point is the need for synchronization of feeling and thoughts. If you meditate on love, do not think love, you should also feel love .....
Imagination .. is that from god heavenly built stairway on which people can reach the blissful heights of knowledge.
... Watch yourself: Love requires the food from inside and not from outside. As long as you depend on outside, you are never safe. Only if you decide that you want to be independent from those outward things, you will be sure ...."

The Initiate in the New World

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Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow, thank you.
these thoughts ought to be incribed on all doors of the town.
That would serve us much better than crosslights can do.