Scary signs at the sky, conclusion by analogy

"During the night I woke up because it was so bright inside the room. I got up and went outside. In the sky, I saw a bright shining image of a cross on fire. At that moment I knew that we must flee. "

It was my grandmother who told me that story. She was all the time of her life a very devout Christian. My grandmother fled before the Soviet army from West Prussia in the Second World War. I was not yet born, and can not judge the experience of my grandmother but my grandmother was convinced to witness an omen together with other villagers.

Analogies are a popular practical procedure in the esoteric. Whether someone reads the tea leaves, interprets the bird flight or draws randomly cards from the tarot deck, based on the observation the practitioner concludes on personal situations, which are not causally connected to the observed objects. In other words, you draw a conclusion by analogy.

time quality

Surely you know that there are times, where things are ripe for certain inventions. Similar conditions create similar behaviour, and so, for example, inventions are amde almost simultaneously by different people around the globe,who are not aquainted to each other. There is a time quality, favouring certain events, like the rush hour is a good basis for traffic congestion.

Thinking in analogies is a technique that helps us to notice time qualities, which we have not yet noticed. I own a perceptual filter. When I deal in this blog with esoteric, then, I have my attention focused on these issues, but changes in the financial markets I will miss, because my attention is bound elsewhere.

Thinking in analogies resolves the boundedness of attention. For a moment the routine habits of thinking stops and I am open new views, new perspectives. Now I can use a Tarot card to make me realise a conflict, make me feel what previously had been hidden to my view.

There is no secret or supernatural force at work when thinking in analogies leads us to insights. We open ourselves to what we know and what our perceptual filters blocked successfully until now.


John W. Malenda said...

I find this a very interesting post.
Perhaps the 'answers' are always around us, and have always been there, but they cannot be touched until the time is right.
The question is, "Who determines when the time is right?"
Does the apple fall from the tree when it is ready or when the tree is ready to release it?

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello john, You have added an expressive picture that gets to the point, thank you.