Interaction of Infinity Part-2

In meditation, he focused his attention to feel like an energy ball. He realized, that he had the feeling to burn. He felt as if a flame danced on the outside skin of the ball.

He remembered a good friend who was always very balanced. His charisma induced images of a nature park.

He recalled the meaning of the meditation.

The outer layer of the energy ball in meditation is equivalent to the body. The deeper the practitioner gets inside the ball, the more he is approaching the awareness kernel. The outer layer requires from the practitioners repeatedly attention. Since the layer is the body, the practitioner will remain there with his attention due to feeling sick, occupied with needs, and so he will not get down to the center of the soul. The center of the soul knows what has to be done . The kernel knows what the body is missing.

He tries to connect with the kernel of awareness, he slips deeper and deeper.

He reaches deeper. Suddenly he is feeling that his back and his neck were greasy with a heavy layer of dark matter. In addition, a picture emerges, as someone tried to separate his head from the body. He understands that the dark mass is foreign energy trying to influence him. The mass is dark, because there is no longer a connection to lucid body who sprayed the energy.

He burns?

He controls the external shell of the energy ball and turns it into a natural landscape. The black mass on his back struggles and tries to disperse the natural landscape.

That is the point. Now he understands. The outer layer of the energy ball is the awareness of his body. The inner layer is - first infinity, and then travel to the heart of the awareness. If people want to influence him, then they manipulate the outer layer and try perhaps to set fire or to poison it - anything - that makes life hard. Therefore he must take care of the outer skin of the energy ball should not leave it to foreign influences. He has chosen his outer skin to be like a nature reserve, because it pleases him.

What is the glass?

The glass is a thin inner layer, the part of the energy ball, which separates the body layer from the inner consciousness. The body is part of the world and could be reached by other people but what is beyond the glass layer, is unattainable for other people. A man who travels with his attention in these inaccessible part, returns always strengthened and refilled with the real meaning of his life and mind. So there is a practice, the searchers exercises from time to time. An exercise, which should be recommended warmly to everyone.

Prepare for the meditation. The energy ball meditation means to experience yourself himself as an energy ball. The practitioner generates with his inner eye to the outer layer, according to a place he loves. A living habitat, that calms the body and gets him into equilibrium.

Then, in the landscape a slit arise. Do not enforce it. The practitioners waits until the gap appears voluntarily.

The practitioner exceed a wall of glass and looks at the inner surface of the starry sky.

The interaction of infinity. Then, the light of the inner awareness kernel appears, which the practitioner approaches, without haste - slowly.

The practitioner is in contact with all of what he wants to be or to become. He looks back to the outer skin where the starry sky extends and starts looking for his picture. That ends the exercise. He may cherish the image of the outer layers beautiful scenery for a while.

Coming from the inside

The step of the time
Did divide the spheres
The path of power
Withered without juice

I glance 'to the stars
Go beyond the glass
Running on and sitting in the grass
Running ahead and think that

Surrounded by Powers
The peace and calmness
To new life
Awakes the Layer

So wear a jacket
A living dress
And be prepared all life
For peace.

This exercise from time to time, keeps the people on their way to their inner goals like an compass show hikers the way.


Bird Brain said...

Hi Rainer
I just popped in from Paulo's blog to find your amazing post here, it was great!
Although I have not done this meditation as such, you have described here so much of my inner happenings...i have been inside to that starry sky and
in outside world I have seen once, my own face at a firework display in the sky, my doppelganger perhaps
but do you know what it means when I keep seeing a very bright, loving orb in my bedroom??
Some of the words in the meditation here describe things I have painted for someone but did not know why.
I am enjoying this connection
wishing you much love and peace

Ray Gratzner said...

Hi bird brain, thank you for your comment.

I never experienced an orb in my bedromm though someone told me, that he saw such a thing. In his case it was related to a healing. But I can only guess what your orb may mean.

wishing you much love and peace too

Liara Covert said...

I agree with "bird brain." You have a very unique way of presenting this info about meditation. White orbs appear for different reasons. Sometimes they can be a reassuring sign from The Other Side (a spirit guide, for instance).

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello Liara, thank you for adding a new piece of information regarding orbs.