Catholic News learns: In Politics There Are Numerous Cases of Bedevilment

Catholic News: Is there evil in politics?

Don Gabriele Amorth: "Very often! The Demon loves to usurp those who bear great responsibility, industrialists, politicians. Preferably, he wants the priest. When a priest forfeits sin there is a domino effect. Hitler and Stalin were obsessed with certainty from the demon. "

Catholic News: How do you know?

Don Gabriele Amorth: "They have killed millions. The Gospel says: At the fruits you recognize the plant. "

Catholic News: Would an exorcist had made a difference?

Don Gabriele Amorth: "It would have been of no use because Hitler and Stalin were completely clear about their actions. It was not an obsession in the true sense, but a permanent follow to the suggestion of the devil. I would call it a Vexation. "


Well, somehow this thought has crossed my mind, but if it is maintained by the expert of the Catholic Church than who am I not to believe? ;-)

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