One simple step to more productivity

There is one simple step how each man can increase his efficiency. Without drugs, cost and without dangerous equipment.

Once we are on the way from child to adult we learn thousands of commandments and rules. As a result some of us lost a mood of childhood. Fun and joy.

Fun and joy is a part of moving energy, part of being unconcerned. Mental agility is needed when productivity is demanded - we need to be in motion. When a huge mountain of work lies ahead of me I feel discouraged. The feeling is a reason why I want to wait, I am inhibited. If I approach the task with playful feelings, it is a lot of fun in front of me, and it is easy because I have no internal barriers to overcome. Fun and game generate joy and thus I am automatically in motion.

Tip: Imagine yourself being a ball jumping through the area, jumping on the spot, changing the color. Combine the image of the ball in motion with the feeling of fun and joy and access the image of the ball each time just before sending starting to work. The work will be easier and more fun.


Merging Point said...

I fully agree with your perception of work with fun. It radiates so much energy. serious work is like a bouquet of artificial flowers whereas work with fun is like a bouquet of natural flowers emanating fragrance.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello mergingpoint, thank you for adding this flowerful picture.

Liara Covert said...

This is a very engaging post. We each have opportunities to discover more about why our own productivity are what they are. Change our perception and change your view of what is important. Productivity is a state of mind.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello Liara, I like how you put it in words, as a state of mind. Thank you.