Learning To See Energy Fields II

The exercise to feel a head above the head can be extended, you can feel more nuances. A frequent error which can happen to men is to visualize only an image of a head or a picture of an energy centre.

What color has the center? Is there a smell? Is it warm or cold, hard or soft, tired or awake, happy or sad? These questions I suppose for the exercise. Many people have used the energy field as a toddler. Then they used it to learn to cope with the requirements of an unknown world. If we undertake a spiritual journey and we can activate this energy center, we have a well-trained friend on our side, who is an expert how to cope with the unknown.

The life energy of the physical body is limited, because his energy must be stored into matter and in the body material is limited. The life energy, which we examine now is unlimited so far as energy is not destroyed. But there is a limit for the individuality of this energy. The feeling 'I am ' is lost in the depths of life energy and is replaced by a feeling that everything is interconnected. There is a risk that the feeling is accordingly to the feeling attributed with its meaning.

A mistake: 'I am' feeling is usually not the individual self and' everything is interconnected' is not the perception of a divine awareness.

The "I = self" is a cultural coercive measure of society, humans are assigned roles to ensure a social community will exist. The 'everything is connected' is our individual self which is able to go on the spiritual journey to see for example God. But this will be a topic for a special post.

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