Learn To See Energy Fields I

"Come on sit down."

I try to guess his feelings. I have the strange feeling that he floats a little above the ground, although he is definitely seated with his body on the ground.

"I have a simple exercise, which everyone could perform always and everywhere. I imagine to be the length of head longer and try to feel my head at the new position above my real head."

I shake my head. "Is it of any use?"

"Every human being has an energy centre above the fontanel of his skull. This exercise will activate the center."

"Yes, and if it is activated, what happens then?"

"Then you learn to perceive energy fields. At first your own field, then the fields of other persons."

"And what should that be good for?"

"Everything has a meaning. You will learn the meaning of energy fields. We will speak about it when the time comes, maybe you will not really pose a question, once you have experienced it."


Tania said...

Nice post! The crown chakra. Yes, once it is experienced, there is "knowing". I will get around to posting about Reiki, I'm working on writing my own Reiki teaching manuals (pacing myself) & will post pieces of these... it has a lot in common with many of your posts. Reiki energy is referred to as the universal life force energy, chi, prana, divine love...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tania, if there was only a rosetta stone for the different approaches, how much similarities would emerge.
In the conclusions and interpretation of the similarities, there might lurk the individual way.
Thank you for your explanation.

Tania said...

And it all leads to we are all walking the same path but in our own way... when we can all understand that we are all part of the same... how wonderful would that be?

Ray Gratzner said...

dear tania, of course, that is wonderful.

swahilya shambhavi said...

Yes being with the energy field helps in understanding that we are not just the body, but a moving energy force and connected with the Universe that way.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you svahilyia for giving this positive comment

Mark said...

Very interesting. Experiencing is knowing. Thanks for this thought provoking post and exercise.x

A.V.C. said...

Similar paths, perhaps...

I would like to raise the point of the importance of banishing before invoking...

A system should perhaps be followed through in its entirety, instead of mixed with others.

Cherry picking can be risky...

Wouldn't you agree?

Liara Covert said...

To sense you are an energy being is to help other people understand they are also made of energy. This is a step toward better understanding yourself and why you are here in this world right now.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello mark, I'll hope you have had an refreshing break. Thank you fro commenting

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello a.v.c. thank you for your advice. Maybe you could explain your concern a little bit more?
In the past, there were established systems, who teached canonical approaches to their goals. Each system is accompanied by its own restriction.
In my opinion there is no need for a structure besides the steps I outline here, because everyone is able to practice it successfully given that:
He learns to follow love
He learns to use death as an advisor
He learns to read the meaning of energy
He develops a will to go on a spiritual journey into the unknown.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello liara, I agree with you. Thank you for commenting

A.V.C. said...


In theory you would be safe if you were able to love yourself unconditionally.

But then there would be no need for invokations either, right?

We may find certain techniques helpful to get in touch with higher aspects, because we are not perfect. But recognizing this would mean that we also need techniques to protect us.

Banishing before (and after) invokation, or intruding thoughts will find more energy to grow stronger.

Regardless of system (or no system).

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello a.v.c. I don't know if you follow a certain system, maybe I could learn from you. But gaining wisdom from within yourself has to be brought in a modern shape.

Modern people have the same soul ad people 3 thousand years ago, but they behave differently.

Learning about energy fields is possible for modern people who don't want to leave their normal way of life behind.

Centuries ago, such a knowledge would have thrown you out of community. In order to strengthen the individual, there were rites and rules with the meaning to provide feelings of security and to lend a certain dramatic to this decisive step.

In nowadays, there is a need to fight against the desertifications of billions of souls and we have to review rules and rites and the obligation to spread modern ways of approaching spiritual matters.

The earth is in need of millions of listeners, do you feel it?

A.V.C. said...


I agree with you that the ancient systems could do with a modernized language and refreshed symbols.

It would perhaps make people a little less prejudiced.

For myself, I prefer the traditional symbols; I think it is convenient to use a coherent system with all the pieces in place.

Keep up the work, but bring in banishing! :-)

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello a.v.c. I will see to it. Thank you for advising.