A Friend Tells

One day a man entered my life and said he loved me. He spoke of a home, children and heaven on earth.
I liked him, his eyes radiated and he had a smile which let my heart make a tiny hop. We became a love couple. Very quickly he wanted that we lived together, and his mind was strongly set on that goal. He drove that projects forward. I saw love in his doing.
When we lived together, he changed a lot. He expected of me, that I took over the female role. He spoke less with me, he smiled less with me and he told me where I failed in keeping the house. I was unhappy and wanted to question my heart, but I had no access. I felt inside cold dark and empty.

Then I turned to the technique of the candle.

I put a candle in front of me and ignited it. I closed my eyes imagining me the candle. Whenever the dark and the cold was overwhelming, I opened my eyes and took the image of the candle in me again. When I felt inside warm again and I could imagine the candle without effort with closed eyes, I saw another picture. My friend was in my old apartment. He tore down the house, destroyed the furniture and buried everything under a pile of earth. Thus I realised that I had to leave him, because in his life there was no place for me.


Tania said...

It is so important in relationships that the individuals each remain an individual as well. A relationship should be 1 + 1 = 3. The coming together of each to create a third, the union of the two. And to take the time to reflect. Vital to remain true to Self. Wonderful post!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Tania, thank you for adding a further point of view. I appreciate that.