Meditation Touch The world

Touch the world with the hand, no matter what you do, imagine that your hand would be a fiber that touching the world. Try to leave no traces, touch with no contact. Without touching try to act, which is the way the intention for the deed works. To act without being there, just to do what is necessary and no more.

A feeling that may appear and disturb my meditation is what I call 'perish without attention . " As a child I feared that if nobody paid me attention, nobody would love me. Now, the adults are always busy and if I adult attention will be given to a child, then usually because the child is sweet, easy to clean, appealing, or otherwise.

Eventually, I became an adult myself, and until then I had to learn how to cope with not being detected or only to be of interest to other people if it brings them benefit.

Therefore, whenever you get in contact with a person, consider not only what might benefit him or her. Go one step further, let yourself be inspired from your counterpart. What do you feel he / she wants you to do? What is he / she missing? Is it:

Silence? -- You can be silent.

Controversy? -- Trouble he can have.

Friendship? -- If he is looking for?

But even more so, ask yourself in a second moment, how do you feel if you gave it to him / her?

Silence? -- You can be silent - but I need to talk!

Controversy? -- trouble he can have - I am in need of harmony.

Friendship? -- If he is looking for? -- About a new friend, I would be glad.

If I get used to these two questions will become a second nature, then I can find out together with my environment, what serves me and my environment.

And what does all that have to do with the fibre meditation from the beginning?

As long as I did not learn to separate the needs of others from mine and to feel my needs, I will always adhere to the world, because it is not what I really need.


Liara Covert said...

Feeling truly connected with everyone means you evolve to dissolve all negative emotions. In order to do that, you need to learn why you create hard feelings and learn to replace them with unconditional love. Anyone can do it.

Ray Gratzner said...

Helle Liara, unconditional love is very important, thank your for adding this on valentine's day.

Merging Point said...

Yes, the right connectivity with one's own self can do the rest at the right time.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello mergingpoint, thank you for your comment.