Recalling Lifeenergy

This exercise can be carried out without any precondition. Assuming that a person sets his heart in life on many things without letting go again, the purpose of this exercise is to recover this energy.

Is too much energy of a man bound, then he starts to feel empty and shallow. There can occur an inexplicable feeling of futility and .. and .. . Take a look for example at the blurb of medical products against age-related effects to complete the list.

Imagine sitting at night in the middle of an empty warehouse. The warehouse is ovate and dark. You sit in the dark and start illuminating as the sole light-source the hall. You notice that the egg-shaped wall is a giant mirror and you see yoursef in the mirror as a luminous source in the situated in middle of the hall.

Whenever you recognize a luminous point in the mirror let it come back to you like a flame or like a firefly.

After a certain time, the return of the flames produce an unmistakable feeling. Remember the feeling.

If there are no flames any more in the mirror or you grow tired, return deliberately back into everyday life and end the practice with a deep breathing in and out.


Liara Covert said...

Some human beings sincerely believe they are getting younger each day. They choose to feel that way and their energy level follows. They choose to shatter myths they hear around them. Instead, they recreate themselves.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, that is interesting. Could you give another peice of information on these people?
Thank you for commenting.