The Strengthening Of The Rupture Point

If the opening is cleaned as described yesterday, it is desirable to strengthen the opening of life. The stronger the weak spot of the energy body is, the less opportunities remain to destroy the energy body. Who likes knight movies will be familiar to the Norman castles, whose builder designed the castle gates with special emphasis and care.

A stronger castle gate, gives us speed in switching our attention from the second to the first attention. It provides us with a stable health, and it makes impression on the environment, because no matter how much the human society tries to suppress the perceptions of the second attention, all people see the energy body, and their bodies want to behave accordingly. People with a strengthened castle gate signal, here is not a victim, you go looking for someone else for arguments.

We go back to the feeling of the rupture point, and ask ourselves, what means strength at the level of energy bodies? We ask ourselves, what is more powerful, stone or water? Quickly we recognise that the stone is polished by the water and can be blown up by water. Water, however, is difficult to compress.

We imagine the opening of life would be a liquid. In the liquid we search our mirror image in order to discern our feelings of those of other people. Now, we imagine the liquid will be compressed and we realize - may be amazed- that the opening responds. It pushes back and becomes more energetic.

Do not be confused if anger, hatred, envy, or death threats comes to your attention. Depending on who pursues you, or tries to make your life hard, he /she has of course something against this exercise, if - in the end - you become stronger. Don't care, keep on practicing, as long as it makes fun. Then stroke gently the opening of life with a lot of love and relax it again otherwise the opening remains in a state of tension which will be of no use for you. The more flexible and vigorous at the right time the rupture point is, the better for your personal life and well-being.

So far, so good for today. Try it and if it helps, please post a comment here.


Liara Covert said...

What if you chose not to acknowledge a rupture point? Then, you would be refusing to buy into illusions you create that you are less than perfection. Decide to rise above all that.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, you are quite right, that is a decision, which influences a lot of points of views on other matters.

For me, there are no survivors in this life. If I would rise upon this decision, the world would be different, and I would be able to find and see eternal beauty and truth. I appreciate the tales of the people who dare to wander in this area, nevertheless I stay mortal.