The Cleaning of the Rupture Point

Finding the opening of life changes life. We can focus on the major project in life - to survive on a path of love.

We start right at the target. If I feel comfortable with the exercise of yesterday and I found the opening of the energy body, then it is time to clean this particular point.

In the course of my life I encountered many situations in which an uninvolved death was trying to eradicate my life. Diseases, traffic accidents, strokes of fate and being at the wrong time at the wrong place.

Besides the meditator often discovers early that there are people who leave fibres at the opening of life behind. Thus the opening could be covered with a thick crust of foreign fibers, or being spangled with small injuries, which affect the opening function.

What is the significance of that? Well, if the rupture points opens, we are in contact with the outside world, if we are entangled in debris, it might not come to our attention what we wanted to reach. Instead, we perceive rubbish. The world is bad - might be an impression arising.

Another risk is that when you open the crust could be an obstacle to the re-closing the opening of life. In this case I am more susceptible to disease, I am in a constant stream of foreign exposure, which I can not completely shield off.

Here I recall my post give to Caesar what is Caesar's, a mixing of the Worlds, (perceptions of the second attention with those of the waking mind to mix) is often a result of soiled openings of living and should be avoided.

What to do? Who knows cleaning exercises in other contexts, can apply it here. I recommend for cleaning the following meditation.

I imagine, I get the rupture point in clear water. The water and the rupture point I enclose in a glass ball. The crust lays quiet for a while, then dissolves in the water, sometimes the crust seems to explode. The water is now no longer clear, it is dull, dirty. In my imagination I look for a place, where I can unload the water. I let it flow into the ocean, I pour it on a lawn - it's about your imagination. Then the exercise is finished. I feel comfortable now.

Incidentally, I value convincing myself. Are you in dispute with a someone, feeling unwell with the conflict? Do as you face your 'enemy' the cleaning exercise of the opening of life and watch the effect.

At the level of energy bodies an attacker can attack with only a few fibers. On the other hand, my energy body consitst of an ocean of energy fibers. You are at the level of energy body invincible. Prove it to youself in everyday life.

I would appreciate to hear from your experiences.


Mark said...

I have read this post a few times and I am still digesting it. You are wise and I am enjoying your thoughts.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you mark.

Merging Point said...

yes, a very useful exercise to exhaust and bring the focus to the "Now".
Thoughtful and useful post!

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello mergingpoint, thank you for commenting.