One day a man came in a church who had never before heard something of God. He looked around, saw the many benches and sat down. There are many people living here, he thought, I will wait until the evening when the residents come home. If so many people are under one roof, they are certainly very peaceful people who have to deal very carefully and lovingly with each other.

When the evening came the sexton of the church went through the church and looked who were sitting in it, because he wanted to lock up the church.

"Good man, we now close the church."

"Yes, but where are all the people who live here?"

"Here lives nobody. This is God's house."

"What a waste", the man said, "a house for a single man"

The sexton replied, "No, God not only lives in one house he has in every city one if not a lot houses. And nowhere live people inside. Yes, they come just to listen to his words and that is what we call worship . "

The man shook his head. "When a man has so many homes and can not live in them, what a hard hearted man must that be?"

"No, no," said the sexton there. "You are wrong. God is love and he has a place for all and and I will prove it, I take you with me, there you can stay for the night."

"No," said the man, "I have a home. You have a home, you would share with me your home, but why wouldn't he?"

"Well, maybe he would share, but he has representatives who make the rules."

"Well, what do these representatives pay him for managing these beautiful spaces for him? "

"No, they pay nothing. We pay them."

"Oh, these are smart people who let all these churches stay empty, and still get paid."

Helpless the clerk replied, "Yes. Perhaps our parson could explain it better."

Then the man who had never entered a church before went home.